Choosing a Charter School for Your Children

Many parents want to sign their kids into a charter school for many reasons including smaller class sizes or the fact that it may be a new one. Parents should keep in mind that a charter school's concept is defined by the mission of the particular school. It is thus important to understand the charter of the school before signing up your children. An informed choice will help avoid gambling with their children's education. Learn more here.

A charter school is a public school working under the same testing requirements like any other public school. It as an open and equal tuition-free enrollment and is funded publicly. It is not under the district's umbrella since it answers directly to the State Charter Board. It offers parents choices within the framework of the public school system.

The big difference between a charter school and a district school is that each charter school has its specific mission. This mission is based on or determined by the community within which it serves. The mission may be established even before the school is built or before it starts running. It is tailored to offer a unique education approach or curriculum not available anywhere else. It may also be aimed at fulfilling the needs of a particular student population.

Considering that each charter school has a special need to fulfill, the most appropriate way to determine if a particular school is the best is by visiting their website and reading the mission statement and charter. This should enable you to come up with a small list of schools that you think will be suitable for your children's needs. From there you can contact the school and pan for a visit. During the visit, you can take your children with you and see the environment, policies, technology, and uniforms. Choose a school that has a vacancy since their attendance policies are restricted by their capacity. If there is no vacancy, you can be put on a list and will be called up when there is space. Find out more on  freedom academy.

When evaluating a charter school, there are several other things that you as a parent will need to look at. Ask about the student to teacher ratio and the breakfast or lunch programs. Observe the kind of environment that your children will thrive in. Confirm if they require uniforms and if there are any after-school programs. Additional classes like foreign languages, band or arts are a good bonus to your child if they are offered. Also, confirm if any transportation is provided or coordinated. Learn more at